• Margrit's Musings

    January 25, 2016

    Home, Sweet Home


    So for weeks now I have wondered how I could focus enough to chose what I wanted to write about……I put it off until after our family trip to Germany and Austria….and that trip only complicated the issue….so, for now, let me just say how GREAT it is to be home.


    Those of you who know me, know that I love to travel, always have…..but perhaps that’s why it hit me so strongly this morning as I could hardly wait  to drive over to my local Starbucks for that 2 pump Vanilla Latte…..…all that great coffee in Vienna, and I that’s what I wanted as soon as I got home.


    I love coming home…..I love the familiarity and relative safety that I feel once I am back…..I love knowing there is a great staff of women and men who make sure that things at work go smoothly so that I have the freedom to travel…….I love having lived in Tucson long enough that I can share what I have learned about this unique town with customers…….I am happy to be home for now, to sleep in my own bed, to grab  a few treats for the staff at my favorite bakery on my way to work, to not have to look at a map to find my way around, and to know that in my business,  the next trip is just around the corner……to be off and find new artists and exciting items for our customers  …….and then……. to return to the place I call home.



  • About ML Studio Designs

    Whether you are resident of Tucson, a new-comer, a visitor to the Sonoran Desert, or an Internet customer, the ML Studio Design Shops will inspire and satisfy even the most creative of souls and spirited of shoppers.


    With more than 30 years of retail experience and many additional years as a weaving design studio, we have been most fortunate to develop a long and positive relationship with our artists, designers, and customers. Through our personal contacts with our customers and individual designers, we have been able to create an atmosphere that is more than just another boutique/gallery. Our collections include items that are one of a kind, from US designers as well as creative designs by artists from all over the world.


    We carry timeless classics crafted by artisans and designers, all meticulously selected for today's woman. As you peruse photos, please recognize that we are more like a gallery that represents certain artists whose work is always changing, but by seeing samples of it, it gives the viewer a sense for what we are about. Specific items may no longer be available.


    Come in and let our capable staff dress you for any event, special occasion, or simply for your day-to-day adventures… From hand painted silks to casual denim, you will look and feel classic and timeless.


  • Limited Additions... a place to treat yourself

    4300 N. Campbell Avenue, Suite 20   (Map)

    Tucson, AZ 85718

    (520) 577-1356

    Monday – Saturday 10 am – 5:30 pm

    Sunday   10 am – 3 pm


    Limited Additions, our flagship store, opened in one of the Joesler Buildings at the "sleepy" corner of River and Campbell in the early 80s. Quickly outgrowing our space, St. Philips Plaza became our permanent home in 1986, and that is where you will still find us, although we have moved from our original location in the plaza.


    We have expanded from our original "Art to Wear"…to now include many collections from European as well as American designers. Margrit still travels all over the US to search for new artists among the talented exhibitors of the fine craft shows, and now includes travels to Paris and Berlin to fill that special niche of clothing that is current and yet transcends the trendy.....to become a way our customers can express their own personality rather than having their tastes dictated.

  • Finale... a place to treat your budget

    4300 N. Campbell Avenue, Suite 43

    Tucson, AZ 85718

    (520) 529-1960

    Monday – Saturday 10 am -5 pm

    Sunday     9 am-2 pm


    Finalé……….our boutique on a budget…………..the home for those special items that are a small assortment that remains after most of the collection sells out……..We can never predict what will be there from day to day, so frequent stops are a must to take advantage of the 40% or more discount that is offered on all items that find their way to this location.